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I was a good student and a hard worker (and I still am). I love to create and have fun drawing, although I don’t consider myself a master by any means! I enjoy sharing my time with others and being myself. I’ve always been pretty athletic and I was on the tennis team in high school. I met my husband through church when I was 16. While he went on to serve a two year mission I did as much college as I could. We got married in June of 2000 when I was almost 21 and completed my Elementary Education degree from BYU.

I taught at a local elementary school for a few months, but the intercity school in Los Angeles that I was teaching was tough and I resigned. I got a job working at USC as a secretary in the Psychology Department and my husband and I were expecting our first baby. Fast forward 8 years and we had three kids in total and I loved being a mom, but I needed a creative outlet for myself. I began getting involved with making a collection of books I called ‘menu books’ that kids could play with and practice math at the same time. I joined writing groups like SCBWI and a friend of mine invited me to help her form CBW-LA.

Two more kids later (for a total of five kids), I somehow managed to juggle working on my book , blogging at kidsmathteacher.com, and all the other crazy things that happen in life. I created my business Enjoy Learning Something to be my publisher and I ran a Kickstarter in early 2015. I was very honored to get to go on a few TV news stations about the Kickstarter and even go on Good Morning America in April of 2015. Since my first book came out I’ve been busy promoting it, planning more books, and taking some down time to enjoy my family.

I am Lucy Ravitch

Emeritus Board Member of CBW-LA,
Former book reviewer for Good Reads with Ronna,
YouTube content creator, teacher at heart and all around creative person! 

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